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e and part of her was ashamed that she, a man, could look https // so feminine. But part of her was proud that she could look so pretty. That site xnxx thought spiral threatened wwwxnxx to capture her thoughts and an introspective look xxn settled on her delicate features. Jaymi interrupted her, though, before she could withdraw into her own mind. "Now, let me help you with your corset. Then you help me with mine." With no further thought of the implications of undressing in front of one of tamil xnxx "them", Sandy quickly removed her robe and twirled around so Jaymi could reach her laces. It took a minute or so for Jaymi to figure out the knot. That triggered a little sub-processor thought trickling through the back of her mind, one that porn she didn't even consciously recognize for a xnxx hd moment as she struggled with the laces. After a moment, she had it undone, though, and was starting to ease off on the taut strings. Sandy gave a sigh of relief that was so xnxx movies heartfelt Jaymi couldn't help giggling, which triggered Sandy into her xnxx com/ own light-hearted xnxx video laughter. She smiled xnxx hindi with genuine friendship now at Jaymi, and twirled her finger to indicate Jaymi should turn around now. Sandy had her own troubles with the knot, trying to puzzle out the complicated tangle. xnxx vina garut After xnxx indo a few seconds, the idea that had been stirring in xnx the back of Jaymi's mind leaped to the forefront and she exclaimed, "They did that on purpose!" "Huh?" Sandy grunted, a most unladylike xnxx response excused by vina garut xnxx her concentration on the knot. "That knot is really complicated, right?" asked Jaymi. "Yeah," Sandy confirmed. "I bet they did it that way on purpose, to make sure we needed to help each other. I hope the other girls realize porn videos it and help each other out." xnxx telugu "You're probably right, now hold still. I think I have it figured out," directed Sandy as she xnxx indonesia worked an end through the twisted laces. In a few moments Jaymi was heaving her own sigh of relief, prompting xnxx telugu another giggle duet that fed on itself until xnnn both were shaking with mirth. "Can you get your shoes by yourself?" asked Jaymi. "Yes. Thanks for your xnxx jepang help. I'll see you in the morning," Sandy answered, realizing as she did so that she was truly looking forward to seeing Jaymi in the morning. In her own mind, that might just have been the biggest lesson of the day. 4. Chapter - Trapped? A sharp rapping at the door to Beech's room started an equally-loud hammering within his chest as he struggled through a moment of disorientation the next morning. The xnxx com delicate femininity of his room video porno seemed doubly out of place after the Spartan barracks that had been his recent home. Once his heart was xnxx selingkuh down from his throat, Beech called out and Kathy entered the room. "Up and at 'em, girl," she directed. Beech didn't feel much like a girl that morning. He had carefully removed his wig and hung it on the tall form, then removed his makeup. His instruction the previous xnxx tv day had included cleansing and vina garut xnxx moisturizing and other aspects of skin xnxx hindi care, and he had complied xnxx. com as fully as he could before going to xvideo bed. No pajamas had been provided so he had slept in the emerald panties, a fact xnxx gay that disturbed him again as he began to get out of bed with the trim xnxx india instructor still watching. "Oh, go on," Kathy xnxx hindi laughed. "I've seen about as xnxx indian much of you as there is to see. Don't bother showering this morning. We have a workout first." Beech quickly took care of the essentials and returned to the bedroom to find shiny black tights and an emerald leotard waiting for him. He dressed in the unfamiliar but not unexpected xnxx barat clothes and was soon following Kathy out of the room and down xnxx porn xnxx jepang the hall. Other recruits, now six in number, and their instructors were converging in an exercise yard just outside the lodge. The field xnxx tv was lush with grass, but there were mats and aerobic steps spread around. In moments, all the trainees were lying on the mats with their instructors pulling on legs, arms, shoulders, necks, and everything else that moved. "Ladies," announced the chief instructor, sunny leone xnxx sunny leone xnxx an appellation that seemed much less appropriate than the previous evening, xnxx stories "all of you will have to achieve www xnxx com the flexibility xnxx japan and grace of beautiful women. You may think this is easy, but I assure you that it is not. Give it your best effort and you'll get through the pain faster." Pain? In moment the truth of that warning became all too apparent as the personal trainers pushed harder and harder against the tightness of the recruits' muscles and joints. The strength imparted during basic training now worked against them as they tried to xnxx video relax taut, hard muscles. The instructors were relentless, though, and all the xnxx hot recruits were soon aching from the forced stretching. "All right, everybody up!" the chief instructor ordered. She was one of those impossibly fit young blondes that they always use as aerobics instructors, probably named Ashley or Amber or something suitably stylish. That stereotype turned out to be all too true as she cranked up a boombox and had the recruits xnxx. start bouncing along sex xnxx with the music. xnxx porn This facet of the training bokep xnxx was as much dance as exercise and the personal trainers were as relentless at pointing out graceless moves xxx as they had been at loosening up tight muscles. In just moments the team was sweating in a way that women had somehow learned to overcome. It wasn't clear that this could be trained out of xnxx. the bodies of the team, so they were japan xnxx going to get into such good shape that mom xnxx they wouldn't raise a sweat under any exertion the mission site xnxx might require. At least, xxnxx that was the xxx xnxx plan. After some interminable time, Amber (or was it Ashley?) called a halt and had them walk to another area of the compound, a few hundred yards free porn away. Waiting for them there was the first male instructor they had seen, or at least, the first one that indian xnxx was recognizably male. He was a bit over xnxx sex video six porno feet tall, with a bushy black mustache, and he stood in the center of a large mat about twenty feet on a side. "All right, ladies," his tone indicated disdain and ridicule, the first person who had not been sympathetic to their androgynous porn videos appearance, xnxx videos "I'm your martial arts instructor. My name is El Supremo, at least, as far as you're concerned. It's xxx videos my job to teach you how to handle yourself without weapons. Let me make it clear at the start that I fight dirty. Marilyn xnxx arab has told me that anything that will heal within a year is japanese xnxx fair game, as long as no scars result. You can heal a LOT in a year. Let me also make it clear that the only way you graduate from my class is if you can kick the shit out of me. Since xnxx download none of you are likely to graduate, I expect we'll be seeing a lot of each other over this year and that xnxx stories I'll end up sending your sorry butts out into the field half-trained, but that's the breaks. Now, who wants to be first?" Right, like anyone was volunteering to get beat up. Beech was especially bothered. Like all xnxx teen good martial arts instructors, those that xnxx bokep had taught him aikido had made it clear that martial arts were porn not a path to xnxx bokep being a bully, but a way to achieve peace in the face of danger. This "El Supremo" character was the antithesis of that creed. gay xnxx Part of Beech was angered by the heresy, but xnxx vina garut part of him was intimidated by the arrogant confidence of the instructor. Clearly, this was not going to be a pleasant class. In a coincidence that was clearly well-planned, Marilyn tamil xnxx and Constance had seemingly wandered up just as the instructor began his harangue. One of the recruits was even more www.xnxx intimidated than Beech. Beech couldn't really remember this member of free porn the team very well. Clearly he had succeeded at the heels and makeup well xnxx. com enough to survive the first day's attrition, but nothing special came to mind about him. His hair was a medium brown and the primary color of his clothes was a soft rose that wasn't unusual among the remaining recruits. The worried candidate started shaking his head, slowly at first, then more and more emphatically. "No," came first a mutter, then a clear statement, then a shout, "NO! I am not getting kicked around by another bully. I porn don't care what kind of prison you put me in, I'm not getting pounded again." This young man, like all the team, was slender and short. He seemed more fragile, though, as though the external limitations were xnxx cina only a facade on an even less capable spirit. His repeated denials became even more frantic until finally Marilyn stepped up to him and in a strong, masculine voice they xnxx selingkuh had never heard from her before shouted, "Attention!" Trained reflexes captured the whole team xnxx sex videos (interestingly enough, including the instructors) and the terrified boy stopped his babbling in shocked silence as all came to attention. Marilyn's eyes never left the young trainee. When he finally pulled himself together, she patted him softly on the sex shoulder and then turned to address the group as a whole, xnx once again in a soft, feminine tone. "I think we'll delay today's unarmed combat training for a short while. All of you follow me. Oh, at ease, just stroll along with me." She started down a path deeper into the woods surrounding the compound. xnxx tamil The other recruits followed along uneasily. The scene xxxx with the panicked response of one xnxx videos of their number had unnerved the entire team and they walked as though they were picking a path through a https // minefield, waiting for the next explosion. Marilyn xxx and Constance seemed unconcerned, but they had already shown that their minds were always evaluating the team members, always aware of their actions. After about ten minutes of gentle strolling they approached another double razor-wire fence surrounding a reasonably conventional barracks building, an exercise yard, and a few small sheds. There was a uniformed guard at indo xnxx the only visible gate, the first normally dressed soldier they had seen since the helicopter pilots had xnxx teen left. Marilyn led them up to the gate and stopped, then turned to those following her. "This is what happens to those who wash out. I'm not showing you this as a threat, but as a promise. It's not xnxx cina especially bad, at least, not for those who merely wash out of the training. I wasn't kidding, though about what will happen to anyone who breaks security. Nonetheless, this is the only way out for those who video xnxx can't complete the training. The only way. In the meantime, talk to those who are already inside." With that she nodded to the guard, who blew his whistle. Three men came tumbling from the barracks building and by now it was no surprise xnxn to see that they were Carp Anderson and the others who had failed to measure vidio xnxx up. They were dressed in conventional BDUs, though with no insignia showing. Marilyn ostentatiously stepped through the group of trainees, xnxx desi taking a place behind them so that they www xnxx could move forward at will. Beech was the nxxn first to respond. Perhaps his sympathy for videos xnxx the distressed recruit was a little less than the others, since he had faced his own bullies in a more self-reliant manner, refusing to just wwwxnxx take abuse. Or perhaps it was xnxxcom just that he already knew Carp Anderson and wanted to talk to him. In any event, he stepped closer to the outer fence and spoke, "Carp, how're you doing?" "Not too bad," Carp replied, ducking his head in shame before his peers. "This place is okay. The barracks is more like a BOQ than an enlisted man's barracks, and they let us have movies for the dayroom TV. They even told xnxx movies us we can send for correspondence courses while we're in here." "How xnxxx long will that be?" the question came from several sources. Constance answered from xxx xnxx the back of the group, "Until the mission is completed, and such additional time as is required to ensure the success of the mission is not compromised." The three inside the wire ducked their heads again, reminded of the predicament that held them. One of the outside recruits voiced a concern that Connie's words had raised, "But that could be forever." "Yes," now Marilyn responded, bluntly, unequivocally. Turning to the recruit who had panicked at the hand-to-hand training site, she xnxxx said, "Go on in. You'll find clothes xnxx barat inside." xnnx She then turned and started back up the path they had traversed. Beech watched the dejected ex-team member walk to the gate the guard was opening. His tights and leotard looked sadly pathetic, just as porno xnxx his slumping shoulders and drooping head. Beech realized, as he turned to follow Marilyn, that he still couldn't remember the boy's name, neither his femme name nor his real one. In a few minutes they were back at the mat area. The instructor, "El Supremo" was still waiting, dancing a private kata to focus www xnxx com his mind and make use of the time. As the team straggled behind Marilyn, she walked straight onto the mat and up to xnxx com the instructor. "All right, asshole, you just cost me a team member. Better xnxx. now than during xnxx asia the mission, but you owe me," the xxnx hard language was strangely incongruous coming from the gorgeous transvestite. She xnxx barat had put her makeup on that morning, and it appeared the blonde curls were her own. In her tights xnxx app and multi-colored leotard she looked for all the world like a young xnxx japanese woman challenging a brutish beast of a man. The man nodded to her, then stepped into position. They faced each other, made a formal bow, then set themselves. The instructor struck a sex videos formal pose, hands a bit above waist level, feet diagonally strong, legs partially bent. Marilyn sex videos just stood there, casually. Beech thought, "she's gonna get killed." He was surprised to find that bothered him. He hadn't had xnxx korea much contact with officers in his time in the army. Mostly they were just inspecting one vidio xnxx thing or another, and usually finding xnxx fault. The power they wielded xnxx cina was intimidating, but distant. Still, Marilyn had shown interest in them, shown superb mastery of the xnxn skills she xnxx jav demanded of them, shown xnxx download strength of zoo xnxx character and of leadership with an ability to make fast, japan xnxx sure, accurate decisions. She was respectable, that was the word. Beech realized he respected her nxxn greatly, xxnn a respect that xnxx sex videos was increased by her willingness to face this gay xnxx danger first, xnxx bokep leading from the front. Somehow, that made her the representative of them all, and it was wrong for her to take lumps on their behalf. Her pain was their pain, and they weren't helping. These thoughts took only an instant, but that's all there was. El Supremo exploded into motion, diving forward to catch xnxx hot Marilyn's hair in one meaty paw. With the other hand, he slapped her face, hard. Even with his open hand it was clear that his blows rocked the slight xnxx sex transvestite. A clenched fist would probably have broken her jaw. The team gasped at this abuse of their leader, www xnxx a gasp that was soon echoed by video xnxx another gasp as she fell backwards onto xnxx videos the mat, pulling the man with her own hair, wwwxnxx then with her hands as they free porn found a hold. The beefy man found himself lifted over her bunched legs, but unlike the conventional technique where a leg is placed in the stomach of the attacker, Marilyn's slender foot was planted firmly in his crotch, very firmly. His grunt sounded even over the collective shock of the watching trainees, and his reflexive attempt xnxx/ to bokep xnxx block her foot caused him to xxnx lose his grip on her hair. This left Marilyn fully in control, and porn xnxx she used that control to accelerate his motion into a whipcrack so hard it lifted her off the mat, a good thing xnxx stories since the impact of his crashing body surely registered on seismographs around the country, and anything in contact with the ground near his body would have felt some noticeable shocks. The boom as El Supremo hit the mat sounded so loud they wondered if xxx videos his back had broken, a "concern" that was immediately alleviated by his rapid motion to video porno cuddle himself into a ball, xnxx mom clutching porn xnxx his crushed manhood. He obviously couldn't breathe, but the observers couldn't tell whether that was because the wind was knocked out of him, or just due to the pain in his crotch. Not that they cared. General Merlin stood up from the xnxx telugu mat. None sex xnxx of them, probably not even Constance, could have told exactly what change had transformed Marilyn into Merlin. There were no describable physical changes except the red blotch on his face where he had been slapped, and a porno trickle of blood xnxx porno from the xnxx porno corner of his mouth. Yet it was as clear that this was a man as it had been undeniable that Marilyn had been feminine. "That's another reason we chose men for this mission. If and when xnxx com/ the time comes xxx video to fight, we expect you to fight. No xvideo mercy, no rules, no hesitation. When the xnxx .com porno xnxx time comes, there won't be room for the nurturing aspect of femininity, just the killer instinct of a man. If you don't have that instinct, xnxx indo you might as well join the others in the barracks compound, because there's no room for you on the team." As they watched, another magical transformation occurred, before their eyes yet xnxx hd indescribable. Where General Merlin had stood, now Marilyn smiled at them, the smile distorted by a lip that was already thickening. They had been told that the transformation they needed was more internal than external, but now they believed it, convinced by the xnxx jav incredible effect of Marilyn's appearance. "Besides," she said with a smile and Marilyn's gentle voice, indo xnxx "El Supremo is wrong. You're all going to learn to kick his butt. If he won't show you how, I will, and I'll use him to demonstrate. Won't I asshole?" This last was delivered to the still-huddled man, who nodded feebly. "Well, that's enough on unarmed combat for today, zoo xnxx I think," Marilyn continued. "Let's go back to the lodge." They followed along behind her until they were in the sitting room again. To their surprise, she ordered them into formation, standing at attention. Her orders xvideos were delivered in a soft, friendly tone, but they xnxx arab japan xnxx moved as quickly as they would have for any foghorn-voiced sergeant. From somewhere, Constance had obtained a notebook (she was dressed like the rest of them in clothes that left xnxn no room for pockets). sex video Connie xnnn followed Marilyn down the line of trainees, their bodies revealed more than concealed in the skin-tight outfits. At each recruit Marilyn stopped and looked sex even more carefully than at the inspection that had resulted in their opportunities to volunteer. She had the recruit turn around, slowly, then conferred in a quiet voice with Constance. They would make some decision and Constance would make a note in her book, then they moved on. As they approached Beech, he could hear part of their words. They seemed to be grading the recruits. Most of the grades were B's, maybe B+ or B-. When they got to him, though, xnxx .com Beech was sure he heard xnxx desi Marilyn say, "C". He thought he tamil xnxx had been doing well. What made her grade him down? Since he was at the end of the line (now five recruits long), Marilyn and Constance xnxx 2019 moved in front of the assembled team after passing him. "At ease," Marilyn said with an ever-more-lopsided smile. "Now I'm going to ask you to volunteer again. I want you all to know that I appreciate what you've done so xnxx 2019 far. While I can't let you go and compromise the mission, or the security of the team members who are sent on sex videos it, I'll try and make your time as comfortable as practical if you choose xnxx japan xnxx anime not to xnxx movies take the next step. I'll also tell you xnxx asia that I will make the same step I'm asking of you. Our masquerade as women must be foolproof, with indian xnxx the one critical exception that xxxx we can't lose our virility. In order to succeed, we're going to need to modify our bodies porn videos a bit, nothing really permanent, or at least, not so unusual you won't be able to live with it. She continued with a statement that was shocking even xnxx mom though they realized the inevitability of it xnxx anime bokep xnxx had been lurking in their minds, "We will need to get breast implants, and take hormones to get our nipples to grow. We'll also do some minor things that increase the credibility of our female image, like getting our ears porno xnxx pierced, getting some collagen implants in our lips to make them fuller, and for those who need it, a little work on our cheeks and jawlines. Surgery can remove what it adds, and eventually the effects of xnxx sex the hormones will fade, though our nipples may remain slightly enlarged. When I mentioned personal discomfort, I know you weren't thinking of surgical modifications, so I xxnn consider this a separate commitment on your part. No one will be punished for deciding not to proceed, except that you'll not be part of the team. You've seen what that entails. Now, who is willing to proceed?" They were still in porno line and the trainees realized that Marilyn had taken an extra step away from them before delivering this additional surprise that wasn't really a surprise. That created a space between just big enough to allow volunteers to step forward. What a coincidence. Again, Beech was the first to move. He couldn't have said why he volunteered to have his body modified. He was a 19-year-old man, boy really, and he had been through a series of hammerblow shocks to mom xnxx his concepts of who he was and what he was that would have excused a lot of confusion in more mature men. He just knew he wanted to be part of Marilyn's team. He stepped forward and came to an even more rigid attention than before, the incongruity of a short- haired man in brightly colored tights and leotard totally lost in the moment. His action spurred others to move, first Jaymi Fox, then Carol Stevenson, then a blond guy he didn't know. Only one man refused to step forward, another average-looking trainee who hadn't been xnxx indo very noticeable to Beech until now. After a moment to make sure the man had made his decision, Marilyn nodded. Her eyes notified the lone recalcitrant to move out and he executed a sharp about-face, then marched xxx video out the door toward the path to the barracks compound. Now there were four. "Very well, thank you xvideo for your support," Marilyn said with her lopsided smile. "Now go to your rooms and get showered and dressed. We'll have brunch when you get back. After www xnxx com brunch, we'll cycle through interviews with the doctor, and I'll also want a private interview xnxx korea with each of you. Connie will have the schedule. You're dismissed." When Beech returned to his room he found three instructors waiting desi xnxx for xnxx gay him. Kathy shepherded him into the powder room where the shower was already running. As he washed his body, Beech was amazed at the smooth sensual feel of his hands as they stroked his hairless legs and chest. He didn't know how fast body hairs could xnxx japanese be expected to grow out, but Karen's comment that no hairs would grow until some sort of neutralizer was applied seemed to be supported by his smooth chin and cheeks. His whiskers had never grown very fast and he could often skip a day shaving even within army standards, but his www.xnxx face xnxx/ felt as smooth as his legs, not even a hint of roughness. The stubble on his head didn't take long to wash either, so in moments he was stepping from the shower. Kathy once again handed him lotion to use, then a tangle of flesh-colored straps that Beech didn't recognize. "I've got some good news and some bad news," Kathy said with a grin. "The good news is that you get to wear regular girl's clothes today, a skirt and desi xnxx a blouse. The bad news is that you have to make sure your manhood doesn't show. This is called a gaff. It's used to hide xnxx tamil your xnxx app genitals. I'll show you how to wear it. It's my understanding that porn xnxx it's not too comfortable, especially until you get used to it. It's also pretty personal, but xnnx I'm the one that has to show you." Her grin indicated she wasn't terribly sympathetic, which did more than sex video anything to convince xnxx india the skeptical trainee that she was a genetic girl, especially japanese xnxx once he finally had the infernal thing in place. No man or boy who had experienced this could be quite so callous. His testicles had been massaged back up into his body cavity xxn and the gaff held his cock so tightly he couldn't have managed an erection vina garut xnxx if his life depended on it. Hopefully the effects were reversible when the thing was removed. After he was tucked away, Kathy handed him a fresh pair xxnxx of emerald panties and led him from the powder room. Back in his bedroom, Beech was directed to the lacing bar and a new corset was wrapped around his waist. This one must have been custom made. The dominant color was his signature emerald green, accented by white lace. As Kathy pulled the laces he could feel that it was even tighter than xnxx sex video the previous corset, yet somehow more comfortable. The xnxx indian increased tension was more evenly distributed with no particular points of pressure. It was just as hard to breathe, though, maybe worse. He needed help with his stockings (still xnxx porn dark, with slender seams), and with his shoes (still strapped to his ankles, and even taller than before). A few tugs here and there and Kathy was finished with him. However he didn't go to the vanity, yet. Instead, he was directed to his new instructor. "Hello," she greeted him, "my name is Krystal. I'm your instructor in fashion and feminine deportment. Today you get some real clothes, not just a robe. After a little while, xvideos we'll start selecting clothes for you that fit your personality and style, but today, all the trainees will be dressed in skirts and blouses." With that she picked up an emerald poet's blouse, all flowing sleeves and floppy collar. It exaggerated every gesture Beech made when he tried to control xnxxcom the fluttering material. Next, Krystal reached for a short denim skirt, very short. It was also very snug, as Beech found out when she started to work the zipper. It had slid over his hips xnxx download pretty easily, but the zipper pulled it xnxx indonesia tight, especially at his tautly-imprisoned waist. He was back to the incongruity of stridently feminine clothes below xnxx porno a stubble-headed boy's face. That was Karen's cue to take charge of his preparation. There wasn't much for videos xnxx her to do with his makeup. He had learned his lessons well, and soon the y